Saturday, November 17, 2007


My deceased blog, "Potato Prints," came to a natural end about 7 months ago.

I had just moved "home" to Madison, Wisconsin after 25 years of roaming the world.

I needed to channel myself into fitness, into a search for meaning, and a search for employment in my new city. The blog stopped there.

Over the blogless months an emptiness has grown. I've missed the crayons and the strange blogosphere.

Last week, a friend tagged me on her blog. Two days ago I had a fortuitous e-conversation with my favorite radio personality. Then, last night a dear friend gifted me with a box of crayons.

The three exchanges are shaking me out of my artistic slumber. I started to look at some of the drawings from last year. I've posted three of them.
I'm not certain, but I think I'm coming out of crayon hibernation.

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