Saturday, December 8, 2007

Welcome to Chicago and Turkey

Last week a friend and I drove down to the Turkish Embassy in Chicago. She was applying for a visa to visit "the land of the undotted i," as my friend David calls it. When you visit an embassy you actually leave American soil, so it was a free and very pleasant one-hour trip abroad.

The people there were so warm and welcoming, and the view of Michigan Avenue was just spectacular.

Here's how you say "welcome, please sit down." "Buyurun, oturun ."

Click here for some nice Turkish saz music.

I took the opportunity to sketch a few images in the waiting room.


mon@rch said...

How fun to have visited Turkey within an hour trip! Probably not many views and might not have been that long to have gotten a ticket in the meter!

Ginnie said... I remember correctly that you were married to a Turkish man? Are you also Turkish or are you just fascinated with it? Have you ever been there? I love your love to do detail, don't you?

Crayons said...

Hah! Hi you two. It's nice to have immediate feedback.

Monarch, I think a parking ticket would have been cheaper than what we paid for parking.

Hi Ginnie. Yes I was married and yes I am fascinated with it. I love the fact that you have seen my work unfold. That drawing of Michigan Avenue was such a stretch for me. I'm thinking I should publish one of my old drawings just for comparison.

Pam said...

Funny you should mention publishing, I had planned on writing to you and asking you if you have ever considered having a show? Your drawings are excellent, endlessly fascinating and full of life. And you just keep getting better.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for taking us along on your trip(s).

Suzy said...

Hey. I love your drawings. They have an Edward Ardizonne sensibility.
I have a couple of books at my house to share with you one of these days. The weekend to end all weekends is past. Perhaps we can meet after Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Ginnie - as CaroLINE's younger sister, I am qualified to tell you that you nothing invokes her wrath faster than calling her CaroLYN! Beware - you have been warned! Is it possible to edit your post before she notices????

I tried to make a smiley face so you know I'm kidding you but I don't know how to do it on Blogger. With a smile,