Sunday, May 31, 2009


This is a gift that I made for each parent volunteer in the baking program that I managed this year. Three times a week I worked with a different volunteer in the kitchen. We guided the children through challenges such as measuring, pouring, keeping fingers out of noses, and then of course, breaking eggs.

It seems like these days donating time is more difficult than donating money -- that first drawing shows time terrorizing someone. I'm really grateful for their work.


bobbie said...

A beautiful tribute to your volunteers. And further evidence of your own expenditure of time and attention to detail. Your work is so wonderful.

Montessori schools are the greatest! Their gifts to the children could be found nowhere else.

Lynn said...

Thanks for all you brought to the baking program this year, too, Caroline! (Happy to have found you here, btw. I'll email you a link when I get my blog rolling.)

Kirstin said...

Your work is wonderful. I laughed out loud about the eggs. My kids still love to break eggs (ages 9 and 12) and will fight over who gets to break them. I always hope the recipe calls for at least two eggs.

Anonymous said...

They will treasure your gift forever. How lovely!

Taneesha said...

Hello Ms. Caroline :)

It's nice to know that you keep yourself very active with all these baking programs and drawings and other interesting stuff that you may do :) I'd like to do all of this too, but i'm so tied down with my studies.. Chartered Accountancy just takes up your time :( Tomorrow I get my 12th year results, with which I enter University :) Just worried about how much i'll get, ha! Loads of competition here when it comes to studies, it gets crazy. Some students commit suicide if they don't get good marks and it gets real ugly, but don't worry about me!! :D! Those who spread out rumours are really bad people needless to say... That girl left CA because of all that mess!It angers me to no extent!I can't change the world, ha. You don't have to thank me for visiting you when you were down.What are Blog Friends for?! :) I wish you be happy all the time (I'm sure you are when you help people and make them happy too :) ) and I guess i'll make some time out for other activities too :) Take care!

Balisha said...'re back! I was just visiting Mark and saw a comment from you. I missed reading your posts, so much.I'm glad to see that you are with us again.
The volunteers will treasure this gift. I'll bet everyone had fun.

susan m hinckley said...

Just delightful, as always. And I ADORED the previous post. I'll have to refer back to that one from time to time. Thanks.

kjkljk;ljljgjgfuyhd said...

I hope your computer is feeling better Caroline :=)
Its a pleasure reading your blog and the pictures you make are inspiring and lovely. Have a happy day,
{{Hugs}} Franny

Eco Yogini said...

So fun! I love the "time" character chasing the volunteer!

I've had some wonderful visits to the Montessori preschools in BC (had some clients who attended them). The workers were always so fantastic and it was always so interesting to see the fun learning stations. So different from traditional preschools and very fun :)