Sunday, December 9, 2007


A friend asked me about the horizontal line in my drawing of Michigan Avenue. I carry this small Moleskine with me everywhere I go, taking visual notes and filling free time with practice work. Usually I take a sketch and use up to 15 sheets of paper to develop it into a drawing for this blog. In the case of the complex sketch of downtown Chicago I decided to ink it and color it right there in my sketchbook. That's where the line came from.

PS: If you have never owned a Moleskine, you are missing out on the Mercedez-Benz of notebooks. Here's an astounding mini-exhibit of artistwork (invented word) in Moleskines.


mon@rch said...

Thanks for sharing your notebook with us! I carry one around also but use it more for notes and records!

Ed said...

Where do you get your Moleskine® notebooks?

TR Ryan said...

Hi, just checking in for my Crayon fix before I head off to sleep ( or try rather - its 5:31 your time).

Ahhhhhh Moleskin, is it not the greatest! I have used for years. Sometimes I only write just so I can feel it again and run my fingers through it. And then I remember all the great writers who used it and I become immediately intimidated and put it away.

Ed, it seems like they are easier to find these days. Definitely your independent book stores will have them, usually near the counter. They come in all shapes and sizes, lined, graphed and plain. They become at first a treat and then an addiction.

kate said...

I have several Moleskine books ... I do a lot of writing in them, sketching (and recently just found a watercolour one which I love). They are so sturdy.

Your Chicago/Turkey sketch is wonderful.